Tango workshops with Belen Silva, Sunday 18th of July, 2010

A new tango teacher is coming to Newcastle this weekend: Belen Silva.

WORKSHOPS: Belen will be conducting two workshops this Sunday, 18th of July.

TIME: 1pm

WORKSHOP 1 (1h 30′): “Intención, marca y reacción: Proyección circular (iniciación)” [“Intention, lead and reaction: Circular Projection (initiation)”]

WORKSHOP 2 (1h 30′): “Invasion del eje de la mujer: Posibilidades” [“Invasion of the axis of women: Possibilities”]

COST: $40 per person for 2 workshops/ $25 per person for one workshop.

VENUE: Cielo, 102 King St., Newcastle.

Topics to be covered:
  • When to project a movement
  • Retention of movement
  • Weight downloads (descarga de peso)
  • Exploring the projection and retention of different movements, in coordination with the partner and the music


  • Intention control (men).
  • How to contain in the embrace.
  • Direction of the free leg (women).
  • How to handle the same space, sharing the axis, maximizing the space within the embrace.
All topics are approached from a very natural way of understanding the body. For that reason is not difficult, for someone without knowledge of tango, to take this workshops.

For those more advanced, knowledge level will be greater. The idea is to bring advanced students to a new level.