Club de Tango workshops at Cielo on 21st August 2010

Peter and Lisa, the experienced teachers from Sydney’s Club de Tango will be conducting another series of workshops in Newcastle on Saturday 21st August 2010.

Details are as follows:

WORKSHOP 1: Close Embrace Tango – Emphasis on rhythmical movement and techniques for connecting different movements on the dance floor.

Time: 2.00pm to 3.30pm.

WORKSHOP 2: Combinations – Understanding the movements of giros, sacadas, barridas.

Time: 4.00pm to 5.30pm.

Cost: $25 per workshop or $40 for both.
Venue: Cielo at 102 King Street, Newcastle.


August tango workshops with Belen Silva on Sunday the 8th

Belen is returning to Newcastle next Sunday to expand on the themes presented at the July workshops at Cielo.  Specifically:

Workshop 1: “Intention, lead and reaction: Circular Projection (Part 2)”

  • Opposing movements,
  • different dynamics,
  • direction of the free leg,


  • steps: “Ocho cortado” (with different resolution posibilities),
  • alterations.

Workshop 2: “Invasion of the axis of the follower: Possibilities”

  • Dynamics in circular movements,
  • changes of direction on the floor,


  • steps: Invasion of the axis of the follower from the side,
  • walks with change of direction
  • low “planeos.”

The idea of the workshops is to elaborate a concept for long term development.  Each class develops one or two possibilities around the same concept.  The objective is to understand the theory and recognise it in the practice of the tango dancing.  In consequence each class focuses on guiding steps from which the theory may be acquired in a simple way.

Time, venue and cost: Sunday 8th August 1pm, at Cielo 102 King Street, Newcastle. Each workshop lasts 1.5 hour, with a short break in between. One workshop $25 per person; two workshops $40 per person.

For more information contact Cielo (ph. 4925 3532).