Tango workshops with Belen Silva, Sunday 28 November 2010

The talented Belen Silva is back in Newcastle this coming Sunday to conduct a beginners class and 2 workshops.

Specific details are as follows:

  • BEGINNERS CLASS: Sunday November 28, 12.30pm-1.30pm. “Preparation for the pivot, lead and reaction”. Cost-$20.00 per person per class.

Venue: Cielo, 102 King St., Newcastle.

  • GENERAL/INTERMEDIATE WORKSHOP: Sunday November 28, 2pm-3.30pm. “Introduction to planeos and voleos” (Lead in opposition, different ways to utilise the space around the follower’s axis). Cost-$25.00 per person per workshop.
  • INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED WORKSHOP: Sunday November 28, 4.00pm-5.30pm “Rebotes (bounces) in giros” (Use of double timing). Cost-$25.00 per person per workshop

Venue for both workshops: Cielo, 102 King St., Newcastle.

NB. If doing both Sunday workshops then total cost is $40.00.